5 Natural Ways To Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

Winter time is a wonderful season, lots of holidays to celebrate, cozy time by the fire, but the dry skin we could do without. Here are 5 natural remedies for dry skin to try this winter.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is still in the news these days, and for many good reasons. Not only is it an alternative cooking oil, it has emollient properties as well. Emollients fill the spaces between skin cells, creating a smooth surface, which in turn hydrates and smooths the skin. Coconut oil is gentle enough for everyday use, and can be used on sensitive areas including your face and hands.

Antioxidants and Omega-3s

When your skin is exposed to the elements, your skin cells are damaged faster than your body can repair them and your skin appears dry. This is especially true during the dry cold winter months. We’ve heard how good antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids are for us internally, but they can also help with dry skin. Foods rich in antioxidants can reduce damage from toxins and help your body make more healthy skin cells. Some of the foods that contribute to healthy skin include:

  • Blueberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Lentils

Use a humidifier

During the winter months we use heating systems that often deplete moisture from the air. Using a humidifier can combat dry skin by maintaining a more balanced and moist environment. A humidifier set to 60 percent is enough to offset this effect. Not sure which humidifier is right for you? Check out this handy guide from Consumer Reports.

Sea Salt

Have you ever been walking through a shopping mall and noticed the ubiquitous kiosks selling beauty products from the Dead Sea? Well, there’s actually a good reason as sea salt can hydrate even the driest skin when used in a bath or as a salt scrub. We suggest adding a cup of sea salt to a tub of warm water and soaking for at least 20 minutes to nourish extremely dry skin. We also like mixing 1 cup coarse sea salt with 1/4 cup vegetable glycerin or solid coconut oil to create a nourishing salt scrub for dry skin. Use caution when using sea salt if you have open woulds however, as you may experience burning. Looking to buy sea salt in bulk? Try

Adjust Your Shower Routine

It is tempting during the cold winter months to luxuriate in a nice hot shower, however hot water can scald the skin and cause damage and dryness. Additionally, many soaps that claim to moisturize and repair skin actually can have the opposite effect.  Try to take short showers with water that’s warm, not hot. And look for soaps that are fragrance-free and gentler on skin than traditional soaps. We like castile soap, such as Dr. Jacob’s.


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