About Us – Patricia Reilly

Patricia Reilly Koch is the lead seminar presenter at BB&R Wellness Consulting and a founding partner of BB&R. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and nutrition expert who has studied alternative approaches to health and wellness for more than 25 years.

Tricia’s passion is teaching how to develop a deeper understanding of healthy foods and lifestyle choices so people can find their own individual path to greater energy and vibrant health. She believes that finding and embracing mind-body balance is what keeps us healthy in today’s hectic and stressful world.

She is the President of PRFC, INC., a company specializing in the design and operation of restaurant concepts. Tricia is also on the national board of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

Tricia has a bachelor of arts from Dickinson College, and she has a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, a Certificate in Integrative Nutrition from Purchase College, SUNY, and was certified as a Holistic Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

She is married with four children, and the family resides in Potomac, Maryland.

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