BB&R Launches New Podcast Health Gig!

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of the health and wellness podcast, Health Gig! available now, and every Wednesday morning for the next 52 weeks!

We hear about the importance of being healthy and living “well.” What exactly does that mean and how can we effectively implement wellness into our lives? Let Health Gig! answer just that.

Doro and Tricia take part in insightful conversations with leaders, writers, and experts from all walks of life.



In the coming weeks, Health Gig! will feature:

  • Music legend, Reba McEntire
  • President George W. Bush
  • Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini
  • New York Times Best Selling Author, AJ Jacobs
  • And so many more!

This week, we talk to Rich Fernandez, the CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and the co-founder of Wisdom Labs. We can’t wait for you to hear his perspective on what it means to live mindfully in this present moment.

The Search Inside Yourself program started at Google and focuses on addressing stress in the workplace – a concept so many of us can relate to. With Rich, Doro and Tricia discuss how to unhinge stress. Even more, they explore the concept that stress could be just a story you tell yourself. Intrigued? Listen to Health Gig! to find out more!

Look for Health Gig! on iTunes, or simply visit our website to listen to the latest podcasts and subscribe. We would also appreciate your feedback, so be sure to rate us on iTunes!


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