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Self-Care Strategies for Dealing with Grief

The emotional strain that accompanies grief can lead to many physical consequences like overeating or the complete loss of appetite, anxiety and debilitating fatigue. Even on the best days, grief can sneak up on you with a vengeance. Managing the body’s response to grief and the fluctuations in mood, overwhelming feelings of emotions, disturbances in […]

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Emotional Intelligence

The concept of emotional intelligence as it relates the quality of our relationships is being widely explored. In an effort to build deeper connections and more meaningful bonds with those closest to us, understanding our thoughts and emotions plays a critical role. The basic definition of emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and effectively […]

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Actually, Let’s Stay In The Moment

At BB&R, we strongly believe in mindfulness and the benefits it adds to our daily lives. Many of you have attended our conferences and sessions where we have discussed the importance of staying present. Therefore, when we saw the opinion piece in the New York Times entitled, “Actually, Let’s Not Be in the Moment,” it […]

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