Ep. 11: George W. Bush Part 2

 George W. Bush Part 2


George W. Bush

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This week we are bringing you part two of our amazing interview with President George W. Bush. The conversation between Doro and President Bush took place early in 2018. Mrs. Barbara Bush left her family and all of us on April 17, 2018. You will hear in this conversation how like many of us with aging parents Doro and President Bush are thinking about the future loss of those they love and the impact parents have had on their lives.

We also talk about the special relationship between President George H.W. Bush and
George W. Bush. The qualities that make a good leader, and the importance of laughter, levity,
and making others laugh. President Bush also shares some childhood stories and how his relationship
with his mom evolved. We also share how all of the Bush relationships are based on unconditional love.

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