ecf2c717-e60b-49ed-833d-23f2c6d60c8bWe are so energized about all of the events and services we are “cooking” up over here at BB&R and cannot wait to have you join us!

How many of us are concerned about creating monetary wealth so we are financially healthy as we age?  NEWS ALERT: lets start looking at our health as OUR GREATEST ASSET and doing all that you can to protect it and become healthier as we age!!

We kicked off the first workshop of the Winter Series on Thursday, January 28th.  It was amazing. Thanks to all who joined the conversation! We explored HOW to build a body hostile to the growth of cancer and other chronic dis-eases.  Anita Capizzi, the founder of REAL FOOD, REAL HEALTH joined us for the discussion.  We love Anita because she shares our passion of teaching everyone everywhere–whoever wants to listen–how best to take better care of themselves and those they love, beginning with the food they eat. She agrees with us that it is through education and taking personal responsibility that each one of us can achieve our own optimal health.
Stress, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, and exposure to toxins have all been identified as contributors to chronic inflammation. Anita shared with us how specific foods influence the inflammatory process and the best strategies for containing it in an effort to reduce long-term disease risks. We chose this topic to kick off the workshops series because it is CRITICAL for all of us to understand the very serious effects of an inflamed body, and to learn how to create a body that does not allow for disease. Excessive carbohydrate intake and processed sugar lead to elevated blood sugar levels and chronic inflammation, allowing diseases like heart disease and cancer to flourish. If you weren’t able to join us on this fantastic teleconference, look out for more information about future workshops in the coming months!



Are you ready to begin the BB&R 7-Day Rejuvenation Program?  We are so excited to be offering this program! With this program you will receive the tools and knowledge to build nutrient rich meals that promote efficient digestion, absorption and weight loss. It incorporates foods in their purest, most unprocessed form in order to scrub your digestive system of potentially inflammatory foods and nourish your body. The program includes a detailed list of acceptable foods to include in your meals, daily meal plans with endless recipes, access to a private Facebook page to communicate with other program participants and daily support from the BB&R team. Most importantly, this program helps you develop healthy habits for a lifetime. In the coming week, we will be sending out a flyer with even more information and a live link where you can register for the program!


We all know that Super Bowl Sunday is not just about the game – it’s about the company we keep and the food we eat! Super Bowl parties can be one of the biggest calorie feasts of the year for many Americans; the average fan eats an entire day’s worth of calories while watching the game! Why not make this year a little different?

Boost your veggie consumption and enjoy these healthy takes on a few of our old favorites!

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