With summer behind us and a new season ahead, the BB&R team is excited for new beginnings.. and we hope you are too!

If you are seeking a recipe for change in your life, then BB&R has a simple solution that requires just two ingredients: you and The Achieving Optimal Health Conference at Georgetown University on October 24th! Get ready to create a masterpiece: a life you love.

In order to experience life and all it has to offer, we must keep both our minds and our bodies strong. When was the last time you truly focused on how best to care for the most important person in your life, YOU? Well, get back to YOU and join us for the 4th Annual Achieving Optimal Health Conference at Georgetown University.

At The Achieving Optimal Health Conference, health experts from around the country share their thoughts on how to achieve one’s own optimal health. This year’s luminaries in the field of health and wellness will guide you to a healthier, stronger you.
  • Learn why sleep is the cornerstone of optimal brain health, while also learning how to deal with stress through mindfulness.
  • So you want to eat healthy, but just do not know how?  We promise you will leave the conference with a plan of action on where to begin and how to healthfully navigate a grocery store.
  • You will even hear from a world renowned chef on how to get your kids to start asking for their veggies!  As a team of health coaches, BB&R believes that nutrition is not difficult and that raising healthy eaters does not have to be a battle. STOP HIDING VEGGIES!
  • Hear how ovarian cancer could be a thing of the past!
  • Oh and did we mention stress? Well, we are mentioning it again because we believe stress is the cause of much “dis-ease” in our bodies and we want to provide you with the tools to tackle such challenges.
JOIN US at the Achieving Optimal Health Conference on Saturday, October 24th in the Edward B. Bunn Auditorium at Georgetown University. Conference is open to the public so bring your friends and family!  Register:

b91a1460-f4f2-410a-a392-3fad704aeeb1Kristin Kirkpatrick Manager of Wellness Nutrition Services Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute 

To whet your appetite, here is a brief interview with one of our outstanding speakers who will be at this year’s conference, Kristin Kirkpatrick. Kristin is the manager of Wellness Nutrition Services at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an experienced presenter, an award winning nutritionist, an author and a regular television guest on both local and national shows (including the Dr. Oz Show) as well as a contributor to several national magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Runners World and Women’s Health. We feel fortunate she will be with us on October 24th at Georgetown University. Here is a little taste of what she will have to say at the conference…..
1. How important are food choices in our overall health?
Kristin: VERY. We can choose not to exercise, we can choose to burn the midnight oil and not get enough rest and we can choose not to manage our stress but eating is not a choice, we need food to sustain life. There is abundant scientific evidence on what the right foods and the wrong foods can do to our health, but above and beyond the science, we tend to just feel better, have more energy, more glow, and more overall ability to thrive in life when we eat right.
2. Can you give our readers 3 tips to achieve optimal health?
Kristin: 1. If you can cut anything from your diet, cut sugar. It’s perhaps the main component of the global diet that is devastating our health.
2. Focus on the quality of your calories, not the quantity. Most individuals that are able to manage their weight and have a healthy relationship with food don’t count calories; they instead fill up on high volume whole foods that fill them up and keep them satisfied. I just wrote an article that references this: Eating high quality means understanding how to interpret a food label, and knowing how to look beyond the smoke and mirrors of deceptive food marketing.
3. Stand more. Move more. And get comfortable with being uncomfortable and embracing inconvenience (that means parking further away from the store, taking the stairs over the elevator and cooking at home as opposed to eating out). Cultures that adopt these principles (like those in the blue zones) tend to live longer, and better than the rest of the world.
3. We are excited for our conference attendees to meet you. Why did you choose nutrition as a career?
Kristin: I was a chubby little girl, pre-diabetic and on the road to worsening health and habits. One day my mom sent me to a dietitian to help with losing weight. The dietitian was a string bean, and she told me that I’d just have to cut out all the sweets I had been eating and that would solve the problem. I failed at that approach because it’s not that easy, and there are many factors that tie into why we choose the foods we do and eat more than our body actually needs. I knew I could do better at helping people achieve their goals of healthy eating in a way that was personalized, compassionate, and relevant to their day to day life. When people ask me how long it took me to lose weight, I tell them about 5 years to lose it, and about 15 to figure out how to keep it off. The latter was much more difficult.
Thank you Kristin….we look forward to hearing more on October 24th!
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