Mindfulness & Meditation

At BB&R we believe that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. Learning techniques of mindfulness, meditation and breathing are an essential ingredient in the mission to achieve optimal health. Mindfulness is simply having a careful attention in everything we do. It’s a way of living where we become more aware and more awake. Meditation is the vehicle we use to strengthen the healthy habit of mindfulness. There are many methods of meditation, and at BB&R we don’t teach one technique over another. Because we live in such a fast paced world, where worry, anxiety and stress are part of our every day lives, we introduce the scientific research that tells us that meditating 20 minutes a day consistently has long term effects on our brain and our behavior. We introduce breathing exercises which can relieve stress and have positive effects on our health. We live in a busy culture of doing and we have lost touch with just being. At BB&R, by introducing the benefits of mindfulness, breathing and meditation, we hope to avoid the serious health crisis that can occur when we don’t manage the stress in our lives.

Favorite Guided Meditations: Take Time to Breathe
Led by Doro Bush Koch

The formal practice of mindfulness is meditation. Meditation comes in many forms, but is a practice of sitting quietly and focusing on the breath. Through meditation we learn to observe our thoughts with kindness and non-judgment, rather than get caught up in and react to our tangled minds.

A great way to begin practicing meditation is with guided meditation, which is one of the many kinds of meditation techniques available. Guided meditation uses visualization to bring about awareness and to open our heart.

This CD includes four guided meditations led by Doro Bush Koch.

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Doro’s Guided Meditations

Below are recordings of some of Doro’s guided meditations.

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