Services – Wellness & Nutrition Education Workshops

Corporate Wellness and Nutrition Education Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to offer your employees practical nutrition education in a fun and casual environment. Workshops will educate, encourage, advise and motivate your employees to make simple diet and lifestyle changes that will pay incredible dividends in how they will feel and perform on the job. Attendees will learn how to eat healthier, gain mental focus, reduce stress, improve sleep habits and learn how to take preventative healthcare measures.

Our practical advice is presented by our staff and nationally acclaimed nutrition and health specialists who teach employees how to willingly accept responsibility for their health. Recognizing that one approach does not apply to all people, we provide a range of options to motivate and guide each of your employees toward their course for a healthier and happier life.

Choose from a variety of workshop topics, presented over several weeks or months, for on-site breakfast, lunch or after work programs. Each seminar is presented in an interactive format and is typically one, or one and a half hours in length. Workshops can be done in a conference room, cafeteria or designated space within the company.

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