Speaker Spotlight – Brian Wansink

139Want to open your eyes to what influences what we eat and how much – and learn how to use this information to easily shed pounds? We are pleased to present Brian Wansink, Ph.D., speaking on “Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life.”

His research is detective work into why we unconsciously eat more than we think – and the answers can involve the design of the home, work, school or restaurant environment we are in, including who we eat with, subtle strategies used by grocery stores and restaurants to encourage overeating, or even music or the color of a room. Armed with this information and his advice, we can design our own ways to control our eating behaviors and make wise and healthy food choices.

Brian Wansink is Cornell University’s John S. Dyson Professor of Marketing, Director of the Food and Brand Lab and Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs.

A Special Video Message from Brian Wansink

Brian Wansink

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Good ‘n’ Sweet!

This autumn, treat yourself to some yummy brownies that are also good for you! Yes, you can shed the sugar and still have a scrumptious dessert! Here’s the secret:

Bodacious Black Bean Brownies

One and a half cups black beans, or 1 can of BPA-free canned beans
One-fourth cup melted coconut oil or melted butter
One- fourth cup cocoa powder
Two tsp. vanilla extract
One-fourth cup sweetener — erythritol preferred
A pinch of sea salt
Three lightly beaten eggs
One-half cup dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350°F.
Grease an 8-inch pan.
Place the black beans, oil, cocoa, vanilla extract, sweetener, and salt into a blender or food processor and blend till smooth.
Fold in the eggs and chocolate chips. Mix well.
Pour into the pan and bake for about 20 minutes.
Let cool for at least 10 minutes before cutting.
Savor every mouthwatering bite!

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