The Care and Feeding of Your Brain

Achieving Optimal Health Seminar Topic:

The Care and Feeding of Your Brain

Our brain is an amazing organ. It weighs a mere three pounds and is about the size of your two fists pressed together. It enables us to think, speak, plan, remember, imagine, dream and feel emotions. It makes sense of the information coming in from our five senses. When we’re in a state of optimal functioning, the brain is processing new information, accessing memories, focusing, making decisions, and experiencing emotions. When the brain is less healthy, we can experience everything from mood disorders and memory loss to addiction and neurodegenerative disease. On Wednesday, January 14th we will explore how we can “take better care” of our brains. We will also begin our Conscious Living Program. We are very excited about taking our mindfulness approach one step further, and discovering the meaning of a conscious life.


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