The three of you, and your terrific assistants and volunteers, really did an out- standing job of organizing and executing an excellent conference and creating a day just packed with inspiration and information!! As the day unfolded I was just delighted to see how seamlessly and effortlessly each of the speakers seemed to support and enhance one another’s contributions. That cohesiveness, I think, is part of what created such a good day. People seemed to leave the Hall really inspired. Let’s hope the good work stays with them and trickles down to their students, co-workers, and families.

—Beryl Bender Birch, Achieving Optimal Health Conference 2011 Speaker

The speakers were diverse and hit a broad range of wellness topics that were all applicable in my life. Look for a slimmer, healthier, more balanced Rick Flamand the next time you see me… all thanks to this life changing conference.

—Rick, Achieving Optimal Health Conference 2011 Attendee

I have been involved with a lot of good programming in my time at Georgetown, but this conference was simply stellar.

—Robert L. Manuel, Associate Provost and Dean, Georgetown University

Tricia – Anne Kane didn’t steer me wrong on this one! I thoroughly enjoyed the class a lot and feel like I’ve just seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Thanks so much to you and Doro for sharing your  expertise and enthusiasm for living a whole, healthy life. I don’t know if you teach additional classes, but I’m hungry for more. Please keep me on your list. All the best,

—Helene, Potomac, Maryland

Thank you. After taking your class, I now worry about what to eat and not what
not to eat. Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, Kale, Quinoa and Stevia have now become my routine items to buy at the grocery store. I really now have a new understanding of what makes my body work better and feel better.

—Jessica , Leesburg, Virginia

I have participated in two classes of wellness and nutrition taught by Doro and Tricia and I cannot tell you how much I got out of them. I now have a whole new approach to not only eating well but wellness in everyday life. Tricia is extremely knowledgably about all aspects of nutrition but the best part was her presentation. Her enthusiasm was proof that living a healthy lifestyle is not only achievable but is also fun. I learned so much from each class and she presented the material in a way that was easy to follow and more importantly, easy to implement in everyday life. I was fascinated by what she taught us and everything she taught us made sense. All other nutrition classes I have ever attended were too scientific and hard to follow and all or nothing-I never got much out of them. The reoccurring message in class was that you do not have to change everything in your life to be healthy but try to change what you can. For instance, instead of eating an all vegetarian diet, simply add more fruits and vegetables. If you want to eat meat, grass fed beef is much better that grain fed beef. She made you aware of what is good and what is not so good in a basic straight forward way. It made me realize that many of my bad eating habits are very easy to change. At each class we got to sample recipes and received handouts that were very helpful. Tricia also had several interesting health experts come in talk to us. To complete the class Doro taught us the importance of mediation and she would lead us in a group mediation at the beginning or end of class. I had never mediated before and at the beginning I was not sure I believed it would help me-I listened nonetheless and tried to follow the guided mediation and by the third class I began to feel the impact. It was amazing. Doro also taught us a few simple breathing techniques to use to control stress and nervousness in everyday life and let me tell you-they work. These classes have helped me and my family I immensely, although my kids do not realize what I sneak in their food. I have noticed a big difference in the harmony at home as a result of eating healthy and simply being aware of what we eat and why. I highly recommend this class and cannot wait to continue my education about nutrition and wellness with Doro and Tricia.

—Alex Anderson

I can’t remember who I’ve spoken to about these nutrition classes (I feel like it was everyone)! The classes are fantastic. Well worth every minute and I can’t believe how much I learned. Things like…

  • what supplements/vitamins you really should take (and what dose)
  • the difference between supplements and vitamins
  • what probiotics are and why they are so important
  • how digestive health affects your immune system
  • super foods – avocado’s, coconuts, lemon’s, etc…
  • not all the waters are the same, which one you should drink
  • what foods you should buy organic and which aren’t worth it
  • why there so many allergies these days and how to eat to combat them
  • how eating right can help cure diseases and depression
  • how diet can help ADHD and autism
  • how important eating right is for your children
  • recipes your kids will like
  • how to reduce stress in 5 minutes
  • dental health and how it affects your whole body.
  • why you should get rid of those silver fillings asap.
  • the things they don’t tell you about fluoride and root canals
  • fish oil explained and why it’s so critical

…. I also lost about 10 lbs just changing some brands and a few of the things I eat.
I sound like a nut about these classes, but they really are incredibly informative. The above list is just a quick synopsis of a few of things I learned, and there is so much more!!!

—Ann, Potomac, MD

Right from the start Tricia Reilly Koch and Doro Bush Koch impressed us with their cutting edge information and focus on taking charge of one’s own preventive health care. Their energy was contagious and their discussions included how to achieve optimal health through healthier eating habits, finding mental focus, and reducing stress. Topics explored are The Gut as the Second Brain with attention to the benefits of Pro-biotics, Bioindividuality, and Primary and Secondary Foods. Exercises in breathing such as the 6-7-8 Exercise was practiced as a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system. Upon completion of these Winter Wellness Workshop parents, teachers and clinicians feel both enlightened and prepared to help our children create a life of mind-body balance.

—Alana Pitcher, RN BSN
Director of Health Services Stone Ridge School

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