The Best Things We Learned From Mom

As we embrace the beauty of spring this month, we also have the opportunity to celebrate the incredible mothers in our lives. Moms seem to do it all, all the time! Whether shuffling the kids from point A to point B or setting an example of how to be a strong, kind and courageous woman, they always seem to know just what we need! This month we are saying a big THANK YOU to all mothers. It is important to show them gratitude for teaching us to invest in ourselves and in our health. Here are a few ways to do just that!

  1. Giving is also receiving. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to do it all, which can leave us feeling resentful and worn out. Try to remember the reason you are volunteering your time or spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals to nourish your family. Contributing to the health and wellness of your community's means healthier, happier families. Creating a balance between give and take means that everyone ones.

  2. Food is not "good" and "bad." Focusing on what you "shouldn't" have or what you "deserve" leads to deprivation and makes you want it even more. Eating pleasurable foods is a key ingredient to creating healthy habits that will sustain you over a lifetime. Deprivation doesn't work.

  3. Don't forget to play. Play is not just for kids and may be even more important in adulthood. Play is defined as time spent without purpose, often losing track of time. As a society that has to pencil in sleep, taking a few moments without purpose can seem more daunting than our TO-DO lists but is so incredibly rewarding. Choose something that light's your soul on fire and allow yourself to indulge regularly!