Doro's 3 Favorite Products


Number 1 - The Cuisinart Smart Stick

I am a huge fan of the Cuisinart Smart stick. It can blend vinaigrette, milk for latte's, and just about anything that needs to be blended. What I love is that it's easy to use and and easy to clean AND it comes in 14 fabulous colors.


Number 2 - ProOmega D Xtra

My Aunt Nan is the most vibrant, intelligent and spirited 90 year old I know.  Everyone says she reminds them of Katherine Hepburn in her style and demeanor.  All I know is I want to be like her.  She told me once that the only thing she takes is fish oil!!  In a culture that over medicates our elderly, I find this to be amazing.  So I decided to emulate her and consistently include fish oil in my health regimen.  My favorite is made by Nordic Natural--ProOmega D Xtra because it's important to remember to take Vitamin D as well.


Number 3 - Essential Oil Diffuser

I have recently discovered essential oils and I'm hooked.  I love to fill my bedroom with lavender in the evening at bedtime and I'm convinced it's helping me sleep longer and sounder.  I love the URPower Frosted Glass Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with 7 Color Lights.  I set it for one or two or three hours at a time and for fun I change the color of the lights depending on my mood!