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Are You Ready for a Reboot? 


Reach your optimal state of harmony and balance with our BB&R Mind Body Reboot


Ready to feel clear, refreshed and confident?

Today is the day to supercharge your happiness and wellbeing. We are here to support you with tools and information to make your rejuvenation fun and easy.

This reboot is for you if you want to:

  • Reduce inflammations that cause you to feel run down and low in energy

  • Release toxins stored in your body that can become barriers to weight loss

  • Reset your digestive system to so you can absorb nutrients better

  • Acquire innovative tools for weight loss

  • Eliminate cravings and eradicate emotional eating

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Learn about the effects of caffeine, fat, sleep and hydration on your day

Am I going to spend seven days drinking only juices?

No, our reboot takes you back to the basics. You eat real food at meals and take in liquids between meals. When you reboot with food that is free of hidden ingredients like artificial colors, antibiotics, and chemical inventions, you reduce big inefficiencies in the way your body processes food. We guide you toward the foods that encourage natural and gentle detoxification of the body’s most vital filtration system: the liver, kidneys and the colon.

Do you include planning tools with the reboot?

Yes, you will receive sample recipes, a grocery shopping guide, workbooks to track inflammations and progress, daily emails and detox drink and tea recipes.