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Claire Dwoskin is the founder of the Children's Medical Safety Research Institute CMSRI. She is also a good friend of ours. We met hiking in Maryland and soon realized how much we had in common when it comes to health and wellness. After having children, Claire began to notice an increase in immune and inflammatory diseases in children and adults. After beginning her own research, she soon realized that more had to be done.

She started by funding a conference of scientists and then founded CMSRI. CMSRI is a medical and scientific collaborative established to provide research funding for scientific research on vaccines and medical interventions. The goal is to find ways to prevent disease not just treat symptoms. In this episode, Claire shares important research findings and information about toxicity and aluminum. She also shares ways to avoid toxicity.  

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Show Notes

  • [00:37] Patricia and Doro hike a lot, and they met Claire hiking the billy goat trail in Maryland.

  • [01:02] They started talking health and wellness and quickly learned that Claire is a leader in finding research about health related issues.

  • [01:13] Doro told her husband about meeting Claire, and he already knew she was.

  • [01:34] When they met in the woods, Claire realized how much in common they had. She had attended The Achieving Optimum Health Conference the year before.

  • [01:59] The philosophy of meditation, wellness, and staying healthy naturally is in alignment with Claire's values and beliefs regarding health.

  • [02:19] Claire began being concerned about health because of her children. She also had an undiagnosable health problem. She didn't feel well and was plagued by fatigue. She had heart palpitations and a whole host of symptoms.

  • [02:56] After many years and tests, she went to an integrative practice. It ended up that she had an infection from a microbe in her body.

  • [03:25] She had been fighting the infection for twenty years. She was able to restore her health, but now it is like she never had it.

  • [03:56] Part of the cause was that her microbiome was out of balance because of all of the antibiotics after the surgery.

  • [04:09] She had the Leap Now Mediated Release Test. With the test results, she was able to go on a diet of her least reactive foods.

  • [04:36] Her pain was reduced by 80% within three days. She's been sticking to the diet, and as she heals, she can add more and more foods.

  • [05:56] Claire is the founder of CMSRI.

  • [05:59] CMSRI stands for Children's Medical Safety Research Institute and Claire founded it about 10 years ago.

  • [06:10] She realized that there is not enough research on what causes people to become chronically ill.

  • [06:29] Claire thought that causal factors and preventing people from becoming sick in the first place was the best area to focus on.

  • [07:07] Claire organized a small conference and invited 20 scientists from all around the world. The conclusion by the scientists was that aluminum toxicity was linked to so many conditions.

  • [07:43] Aluminum that we inhale, ingest, inject, or put on our skin is what caused the toxicity.

  • [08:27] Patients who had dialysis developed dementia very rapidly afterwards. They discovered that the dialysis fluid had aluminum in it.

  • [08:59] Aluminum can be found in IV fluids and some vaccines.

  • [10:09] Aluminum has been found to be linked to many of the chronic diseases we suffer with today.

  • [10:54] They are funding the research and sponsoring conferences and symposiums. They also use social media to try and get the word out.

  • [11:56] Dr. Chris Exley is one of the leading experts on this in the world. His first study was published in Nature.

  • [13:04] You can drink silica rich mineral waters to flush the toxicity out of your system.

  • [14:52] Fiji water and different waters contain silica. Studies have shown that silica rich mineral water has increased cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients and stopped the progression of MS.

  • [17:24] They are continuing the research and studying many different areas.

  • [18:38] Claire felt blessed to have twins. At two months old, they were given a vaccine that was taken off of the market two months later.

  • [19:16] This made her question the safety of these vaccines.

  • [19:32] Her son developed motor skill problems, and she noticed other kids in therapy with the same problems.

  • [20:11] Claire wanted to figure out how to expand on what she had been learning about toxins and to share it with other people to help them.

  • [20:58] Claire first began reading and studying. Then she decided to fund scientists. Then she founded CMSRI.

  • [24:04] Look for antiperspirants sold at health food stores to avoid aluminum.

  • [25:11] High fat and acidic foods will absorb a lot of aluminum from cooking with aluminum foil. A lot of antacids contain harmful aluminum. Dyes also contain aluminum.

  • [27:00] Their study found that children who are vaccinated have higher odds of developing chronic illnesses.

  • [28:12] Becoming an informed consumer is the best way to keep your child healthy.

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“The philosophy of meditation, wellness, and staying healthy naturally is in alignment with my own values and beliefs regarding health.” -Claire Dwoskin

“Everything in life has a season. You just sort of let things go and flow, and everybody can be happy.” -Claire Dwoskin

“I felt we could make a bigger difference preventing people from becoming sick in the first place rather than just continuing to medicate a bunch of ill and disabled people.” -Claire Dwoskin