An Interview! With Becky Quinn, Creator of BQgranola


AN INTERVIEW! With Becky Quinn, Creator of BQgranola

At BB&R, we are all about food that's fresh, local, healthy and delicious. That's why we want you to know about BQgranola which is made from wholesome ingredients and tastes heavenly too. But it's the story of the founder, Becky Quinn, that is the most inspiring. Becky faced adversity in her life, but instead of retreating, she proactively created something that would help herself and others. We asked Becky a few questions about her mission:

What sparked your interest in mind/body health?

Key events in our life have the power to transform passive interest into something that leads us to embrace change. During workaholic years in a NYC advertising agency, an anxiety attack in the subway station literally stopped me in my tracks. Canyon Ranch was initially my strategy for developing more mindful eating and exercise habits, which led to managing stress more effectively. The second event triggering an even more focused engagement with mind/body health was being diagnosed with breast cancer just before turning 50. My husband Patrick and my friends were the foundational support to getting through it. Smarter food choices, yoga and laughter were all part of becoming healthy again. Ultimately, my strongest weapon was maintaining a positive outlook. An optimistic attitude was integral to my recovery.

Describe how you chose the ingredients for BQgranola and why all natural, farm fresh ingredients are important.

Selecting the right ingredients was a process that took over a year. The goal was to bypass food brokers and go straight to the food source, namely farms. This allowed direct shipment of pecans and almonds, right from the farm's cold storage to mine, eliminating warehouse storage. The enhanced taste and nutritional value of fresh nuts is significant. This combined with a value of raw, unprocessed honey direct from local beekeepers became the BQgranola approach to creating a superior tasting and healthier granola.

What words of hope, inspiration and encouragement can you give to someone who has had a breast cancer diagnosis?

There is always a silver lining. Be patient and look for it. I started making granola in a desperate attempt to find a satisfying breakfast that would provide energy to battle fatigue. BQgranola was borne from that search and from the encouragement of friends. The personal connections that have been formed from customers and the people who helped BQgranola come to life have been enormously gratifying. Finally, selling BQgranola through Arcadia Food Trucks to some of DC's food impoverished neighborhoods has been a rewarding experience. It's a partnership that has deepened and shaped the value of the BQgranola brand. While it's often very hard to imagine, good and unexpected things can and do emerge, often changing your life for the better.

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