Ep 1: Rich Fernandez - Powerful Idea - Maybe Stress Isn't Really There - Search Inside Yourself


In this episode we talk to Rich Fernandez, the CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and the co-founder of Wisdom Labs. He’s awesome, and we can’t wait for you to hear his description of what it means to live a life of mindfulness in this present moment and to watch and witness what unfolds. The Search Inside Yourself program actually partners with us at the Achieving Optimal Health Conference. It’s a great program that started at Google, and it deals with combating stress in the workplace. Rich's perspective on teaching Search Inside Yourself is really mind-blowing. The idea that you can actually unhinge stress, the idea that maybe stress isn’t really there, that it might be a story you tell yourself is something that I thought was really interesting.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Rich Fernandez.


Twitter: @_richfernandez

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